Fishman - ABGP

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OWNER S MANUAL AGP 2 ONBOARD ACOUSTIC GUITAR PREAMP ABGP ONBOARD ACOUSTIC BASS GUITAR PREAMP AGP 2 ABGP Thank you for your purohase of a FISHMAN product Please read these Instruotlons earefully If you have any questions or problems contact our PRODUCT INFORMATION LINE at 978 988 9665 The Fishman AGP 2 and ABGP preamps are specifically designed for use lth plezoeleotrlc pickups Since piezoelectric pickups require specific elec trical environments the AGP 2 ABGP feature discrete input stages that maximize the full potential of the piekup Both units provide active gain con trol and fully buffered shelving style active boost and cut for BASS and TREBLE The center frequencies of these controls have been selected for their relationship wit...