Kirby - Air Control System

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Kirby Morgan Air Control System 5 Operations and Maintenance Manual Part 100 075 KMDSI 1430 Jason Way Santa Maria California United States of America Postal Code 93455 Telephone 805 928 7772 Fax 805 928 0342 Kirby Morgan Air Control System 5 KM ACS 5 Dive Control System 2A DCS 2A DCS 3 and DCS 1 are trademarks of KMDSI Use of these terms to describe products that are not manufactured by KMDSI is not permitted Manual prepared by Marine Marketing and Consulting amp KMDSI 2003 KMDSI Document 041112001 This page not used Definitions of Signal Words Used in this Manual r DANGER This word indicates an imminently hazardous situation which if not avoided will result in death or serious injury L A r i WARNING This ...