Sea Frost - Bait Freezer

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372 ROUTE 4 BARRINGTON NH 03825 USA TEL 603 868 5720 FAX 603 868 1040 1 800 435 6708 E Mail sales seafrost com www seafrost com SEA FROST BAIT FREEZER BF1 BF2 BF3 220 VOLT Pre charged DESCRIPTION The Sea Frost Freezer system consists of several parts The cold plates or wrapped box liner hidden cooling coils a refrigerant control valve copper connecting lines a receiver filter drier with sight glass a compressor condensing unit and a thermostat OPERATION With the thermostat in the on position the compressor fan and pump if equipped will operate Ten minutes after starting the compressor the area near the valve or the top of a hidden coil box will begin to cool and frost If you do not observe cooling with the compressor and fan r ...