Sonic Impact Technologies - SFT-1

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CONTROL FUNCTIONS AND CONNECTIONS rt T Hfj i ML 1 b 5 5 HI ir 11 1 mriHTiPnfi e e e 0 e e D E F A Loading Drawer This is the mechanism for loading C Ds for play in the SFT 1 The drawer is opened by depressing the ID AD C button A CD is placed in the tray s circular depres sion label side up and lying flat The drawer is closed and the C D is loaded for play by depressing the LO AD C or PLAY D orT buttons Although the drawerwill also close by pushing gently on the drawerfront it is recommended that a button control be exclusively used for this function B Display Window The display window gives the operating status of the SFT 1 W hen a C D is loaded the total number of tracks and total time will be displayed W hen t ...