Sunwave Tech. - SRC-3000b

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SRC 3000b Touch Screen Smart Remote Control 1 CODE II DELETE II MACRO II SETUP 1 l ll l fn If 2ji i 3 i ll i 4n if i 5 1 _ 6j i ii l 7 ii 8 i I 9i 1 If l 100J1 Oil ENTER J ITV VIDEOJ I l l If i SWAP Ji PIP Jl FREEZE j l MUTE J I l If H 1 l DISPLAY Jl MTS Jl SLEEP Jl JUMP J GML rjgpi ii w i I TV 11 SAT CBL 11 VCR II DVB I I II II II I I AMP II AUDIO II DISC II W I User s Manual 040130 Preface About this manual This manual is designed to make it easy to use the SRC 3000b Touch Screen Remote Control as easy as possible Information in this document has been carefully checked for accuracy however no guarantee is given to the correctness of the ...