Urbina Design - ST ECT 10SS

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urbina_fIyer Layout 1 2 21 07 9 08 PM Page 1 Aa cl Cold Duty Eliminates need for messy melting ice Aa cl HojL Tjuuj Electronic no flame no smoke Thermoelectric COOLING TECHNOLOGY All electronic Peltier quiet cooling used in computers and medical equipment There are no noisy motors Quiet and convenient Easy to clean Stainless Steel One Year Limited Warranty Non Stick immersible aluminum tray dJjJAtCLbl To mhohn uho Serve appetizers and buffet foods at their best tasting temperature Stanza Model Number ST ECT 10SS UbiblnxL TXeAigjv Electronic Cold Hot Serving Tkay compressors condensers or refrigeration gases to leak into the environment Patent Pending ...