Anthem Audio - SFP-1

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CONTROL FUNCTIO NS AND CONNECT IO NS S uunit hi Hur j i itj ra i _ _ i i y til 1 I r wtT m A B A Mute Operate Switch In the mute position this toggle switch cuts off the signal to the outputs F of the SFP 1 hence muting the unit the LED B flashes as a reminder In the operate mode the outputs are connected and the SFP 1 operates normally B Power Indicator LED This LED lights when the SFP 1 is on and receiving power from the AC source It will flash atone second intervals during warmup delay and muting C Power Switch This toggle switch when in the 0 N posi tion allows the SFP 1 to receive power rendering the SFP 1 operational as indicated by the Power Indicator LED B W hen the switch is in the 0 ...