ProMaster - FL100 (Nikon)

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a o Adwnced Digital TTL Electronic Flash Thank you for purchasing a ProMaster Electronic flash Please take a few nninutes to review these instructions so that you will get the most from your purchase Flash Compatibility C Canon Digital E TTL E TTLII cameras amp E TTL film cameras Code 9378 N Nikon Digital TTL i TTL cameras amp TTL i TTL film cameras Code 9385 OP Olympus amp Panasonic Digital TTL cameras Code 9406 P Pentax Digital P TTL amp film cameras Code 9392 SA Sony Alpha amp Minolta Digital ADI D Lenses cameras amp TTL film cameras Code 9399 Front View AF Illuminator Zoom Position Selector SPECIFICATIONS Type SA Mounting Foot Type OP Mounting Foot Guide Number ISO 100 10O ft 30 ...