ProMaster - 5364

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Operating Instructions 2500PK Super 35mm SLR Camera PROIVMSTER Contents Introduction 2 Description of Parts 3 4 Mounting Removing the Lens 5 Installing Checking the Batteries 6 Loading the Film 7 Setting ISO Film Speed 8 Film Advance and Frame Counter 9 Focusing 10 11 12 Setting Shutter Speed and Aperture 13 Using the Meter 14 Depth of Field Scale 15 Depth of Field Preview 16 Taking Pictures 17 Self Timer 18 Flash Photography 19 Multiple and Bulb Exposure Modes 20 Rewinding the Film 21 Caring for Your Camera 22 Specifications 23 Introduction The PROMASTER 2500PK Super is an easy to use manual SLR camera that is perfect for the first time SLR user or for those who want a manual SLR for complete c ...