Franklin Industries, L.L.C. - FCW20TC

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Franklin Chef Thermoelectric Wine Cellars RafraTchisseurs a vin thermoelectriques Bodegas adimatadoras termoelectricas Use and Care Guide pages 1 5 Mode d emploi pages 6 10 Manual del usuario paginas 11 15 M odels M odeles M odelos FCW16T FCW20T FCW20TC Franklin Industries L L C 4100First Avenue Brooklyn NY 11232 3321 Tel 1 877 261 9867 Website www franklinchef com Franklin Chef Thermoelectric Wine Cellars The next best thing to a subterranean cavern for your fine wines NO VIBRATION NO NOISE With no compressor the only moving part is a gentle fan to circulate interior air Vibration and noise caused by a compressor can agitate wine sediment and adversely affect flavor IDEALTEMPERATURE Using the temperature con ...