Franklin Industries, L.L.C. - FCR36OD

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Franklin Chef Outdoor Refrigerator Refrigerador de intemperie ModellModelo FCR36QD CAUTION BEFORE USE PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW ALL SAFETY RULES AND OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS THIS APPLIANCE IS NOT DESIGNED FOR THE STORAGE OF MEDICINE OR OTHER MEDICAL PRODUCTS PRECAUCI N ANTES DE USAR ESTE APARATO LEA Y SIGA TODAS LAS REGLAS DE SEGURIDAD E INSTRUCCIONES DE OPERACI N ESTE APARATO NO EST DISE ADO PARA EL ALMACENAMIENTO DE MEDICAMENTOS U OTROS PRODUCTOS MEDICINALES Franklin Industries L L C 4100 First Avenue Brooklyn NY 11232 3321 Tel 1 877 261 9867 Website Sitio de Internet www franklinchef com Table of Contents Important Safeguards 3 Location of Parts 4 Technical Specifications 4 Energy Saving Tips 5 Installation 5 ...