Rubbermaid - 1S85

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Rubbermaid Description Assembly Letter Quantity Floor J 5H51 i Left Side Panel C i Right Side Panel D i Left Back Panel E i Right Door Panel F i Right Back Panel G i Left Front Panel H i Right Front Panel J i Left Door Panel K i Gable M 2 Left Roof Panel N 1 Right Roof Panel P 1 Wall Connector Q 4 Ridge Beam R 1 Lock Hasp X 1 14 x 1 0 Combo Pan Head Screw AA 24 1 1 4 20 x 0 5 Combo Round Head Bolt BB 2 1 4 20 Flat Washer CC 2 1 4 Hex Nut DD 2 Roof Pin EE 4 Required Tools Safety Glasses Rubber Mallet Phillips Screw Driver Liquid Soap 2 Step Stools Stepladders 1S85 RUBBERMAID T x 3 6 RESIN STORAGE BUILDING ASSEMBLY INSTRUCT ...