Presonus Audio electronic - 16.4.2

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Wi PreSonus WMPreSonus 5 Gcnr eJ STUDIOLIVE 1 j i i i 9 9 Or 9 91 Al l t jJ JE til mam fji gt i a O C3 D ESI Bl 1 imihi EES 1 111111 mini StudioLive 16 4 2 digital recording and performance mixer StudioLive is the most powerful and flexible sixteen channel digital mixer the world has seen Loaded with sixteen high headroom XMAX microphone preamplifiers built in 22x18 FireWire recording and playback engine Fat Channel processing with 4 band EQ s compressors limiters gates DSP effects six aux buses four sub groups extensive LED metering mixer save recall channel strip save recall copy paste talkback and more StudioLive breaks new boundaries for music performance ...