Presonus Audio electronic - Eight Channel Mic Preamp

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DIG I MAX noil ll mj tt f a EIGHT CHANNEL MIC PREAMP WITH LIMITERS EQ AND DIGITAL OUTPU New for 2000 the PreSonus DigiMax is an awesome addition to the modern digital studio ADAT Lightpipe Output The DigiMax adds eight channels of pristine mic preamplification limiting and EQ Enhanceme our ut P uts as well as 24bit digital output Each channel features our award winning high performance dual servo microphone preamplifiers no capacitors in the signal path 48V phantom powe 20dB pad EQ Enhance and dual domain limiter The dual domain limiter samples the the audio signal in RMS and peak domains achieving instantaneous transparent limiting The first two channels also offer polarity reversal and high impedance instrument inputs on the front of the ...