Sensory Science - DDV2120

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SSC 2120 050301 DUAL DECK VCR Flying Erase Heads Quasi S VHS Playback Jog Shuttle Remote COmERGAl ADVANCE MOVIE ADVANCE COMMERCIAL FREE COPY LU Z o u _l LU Congratulations on your purchase of this Sensory Science Dual Deck VCR We know you will enjoy this product for many years to come In case warranty service is required please take a moment to attach your receipt to this manual and write down your Serial N umber located on the back panel of the VCR _ About this Manual This manual has been designed to acquaint you with all the features and functionality of the Dual Deck VCR The first two chapters cover basic setup and a quick tour of the components of the Dual Deck system Chapters 3 10 present in detail each major D ...