Techko - S082X

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TEMPLATE MODE S082KA TESTING ALARM OUTPUTAND PANIC BUTTON TEST Totest the alarm output press the PANIC button located on front of the unit THIS UNITIS VERY LOUD COVER THE SIREN ON THEFRONT OFTHE UNIT BEFOREACTIVATING The unit will immediately sound apiercing alarm siren To disarm the unit enter your security code followed bythe ON OFF button If you have not entered a security code the default is 0 and S082K is 5 CHIME TESTING 1 Set the function switch to the CHIME position 2 Enter the security code followed bythe ON OFF button the ALARM LED will illuminate If this doesnot happen repeat steps 1 and 2 3 Close the doorand then openit again apleasant chime will sound 3 times 4 Todisarm the unit ...