Netcom - NB9W

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NBQ NB9W ADSL2 VoIP Modem Router Did you know your phones will disrupt your ADSL2 connection HBtEomm imm netcomm com au Even If You Have Older ADSL Filters Due to faster ADSL speeds an inline ADSL2 Microfilter stops your ADSL connection being disrupted by telephones connected to the same line Older filters cannot handle these speeds A high quality Microfilter from NetComm will ensure you have a stable broadband Internet connection with no reduction in the quality of your telephone service Having one easy to install MIcrofllter for every telephone type device Including dial up modems and Foxtel Is essential to reducing voice and data service problems and Interruptions Netcomm EM1550 ADSL2 Microfilters conform to relevant ACA requirements a ...