Thermax - CP3

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Slhermax CP3 PROFESSIONAL HOT WATER EXTRACTION CLEANING SYSTEM OWNER OPERATOR MANUAL sThermax Products for a Healthier Indoor Environment thermaxaf com 1 888 764 3700 TABLE OF CONTENTS Message from the Corporate Office 2 Identifying Features 3 Inspection Upon Delivery 4 Important Safety Information 4 Set Up Procedure 5 Extraction Cleaning Procedure 5 System Clean Up 6 General System Maintenance 6 Optional Package and Accessories 7 8 Rental Center Benefits 9 Cleaning Solutions 10 Air Purifiers and Solutions 10 CPS Specifications 11 CPS Wiring Diagram 11 Troubleshooting 12 CPS Base Unit Schematic 13 CPS Base Unit Parts List 14 Floor Wand Schematic 15 Floor Wand Parts List 16 Upholstery Wand Schematic 17 ...